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Three Songs of the Week

Here are three of the songs that I've been playing like crazy this week.  Some of these songs have been out for a while, and some are new, but they all struck a chord with me recently.

Guide to Finding Kizomba and Semba Music

You find some Kizomba and Semba music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and most of the other mainstream music sites, but it's never the newest music.  To get the best and newest Kizomba and Semba music, you have to know where to look, and this guide is here to lead you in the right direction.

The best sources for Kizomba music are SoundCloud, YouTube and other websites. 

DJ Ecozinho is one of the best that I have found.  He frequently posts new mixes on his SoundCloud and YouTube pages.  The great thing about DJ Ecozinho's mixes are that he will mix things up by making mixes out of full albums and then out of various songs.  Also, the playlists on the YouTube page are great because the song titles and artists names are often listed in the video.

Super Kizomba is a great resource on SoundCloud.  Super Kizomba releases a new playlist almost every day.  They also create Top 10 playlists and release new individual songs.  For a frequent variety of music, Super Kizomba is one of the best sources.

DJ Jair The Kiz Wiz is another great follow on SoundCloud.  He posts a ton of songs, both old and new and also makes playlists to listen too.

Mais Kizomba is one of the most popular Kizomba sources out there.  This is probably the best place to find new music, and you can find tons of new songs at their website, with new songs almost every day.

Mais Kizomba also has a YouTube channel, which is great because they have live web radio that you can stream.