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Kuduro 365: Days 13 - 16

This video includes days 13 through 16.  Day 14 was filmed ion Welch and Dickie Mountains in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

The goal of Kuduro 365 is to have FUN.  Everything else is a side benefit, but by filming a video each day will help to practice steps, improve my movements and to get as many people involved as possible.  I hope these videos inspire you to have some fun or start your own journey!

Check out the video from Day 1 and compare it to the most recent video to compare the progress.

Kuduro – what is it?

Kuduro is a form of music and dance from Angola.  The dance was developed in the 1980’s and became popular in Luanda, Angola’s capitol city.  The music and dance are both very energetic.  The music has been spreading across Africa and into different parts of the world.  


Thank you to Crystal for appearing in this video.  Crystal is the founder of Realize Life (Link) and a bikini competitor.  Check out her content by visiting some of Crystal’s sites.  For more information:





Realize Life:

Bikini Competitor:

Kizomba Maine was founded in 2014.  The purpose is to share Kizomba throughout Maine by offering weekly group classes, private lessons, parties and special events.

Manuel Kanza has produced instructional videos to help learn Kuduro and Afro House.  His videos are helping me on my journey, and they would definitely help you too.




Crystal's Podcast: