Kizomba Maine


Intensive Kizomba Workshops with Rachel Cassandra

Rachel Cassandra will be travelling to Portland Maine to teach intensive kizomba workshops on May 10th.  This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the country's most experienced teachers.

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Sunday, May 10th

1:00 -5:00 p.m. Workshops

Dinner Break from 5:00 - 7:00 pm

7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Workshop

8:00 p.m. Social


Class Descriptions:

1pm:  About Face!  Fun with Pivots

So many of the effortless moves you've admired in modern kizomba are based in perfect pivot technique.  Get the movement, leading and following figured out, then learn a few steps that depend on them.  You'll be gliding on the floor in no time!

2pm:  Dynamic Tempo Changes

Have you seen the French dancers' videos?  These days they're all about varying the speed.  In this class, technique and musicality are at the forefront.  We'll play with dynamic accelerations, slow melts, and freezes.

3pm:  The Wonders of Dissociation

Much of the time in kizomba, your partner does what you do, as a mirror image.  We'll explore ways to multiply your possibilities of expression through dissociation.  For leaders, how to clearly guide the follower when your feet legs or body are doing something different from hers.  For followers, how to pay attention to different points of connection, understand weight shifts that are led in dissociation, and even a chance to add your own flair in that space.

4pm:  Kizomba Foot Tricks

Two people moving as one is magical, but learning to use dissociation opens up a world of possibilities in your dancing.  We'll start by learning to execute and lead or follow weight changes separately.  Next we'll work on leads' technique for sliding and catching the follow's feet.  Soon you'll be creating your own tricks!

5pm:  Dinner

7pm:  Kizomba Ladies' Styling (Men Invited)

Styling in kizomba is integral to our dance, not something we do separately somewhere in the middle.  It is movement that shows our interpretation of what we hear and feel in the music.  Learning styling also helps us recognize or execute certain leads - leading movement with your whole body is both sensual and comfortable.  For each movement we explore, ideas will be given about in which steps we can use them, as well as how leads might invite us to use them.  We'll also discuss how to extend our range of movement safely and how to be expressive without being obstructive.  Bring out that ginga!

8pm:  Social

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Each workshop and the social wiill be held at Aquarius Ballroom Studios, which is located at 62B Forest Ave. in Portland, Maine.