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Top 10 Kizomba Songs of 2015

Top 10 Kizomba Songs of 2015*

There are no official metrics to this list.  No formal committee decided which songs made the cut.  These are just the ten songs we enjoyed the most in 2015.  

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10.  G-Amado - Minha Pequena

9.  Badoxa - Controla

8.  Landrick - Pão Com Chá

7.  Jennifer Dias - I Need You So

6.  J. Oliver - Voçe Me Kuia

5.  Mika Mendes - Vá Lá

4.  Puto Português - Kandengue

3.  Yuri da Cunha Ft. C4 Pedro - De Alma Na Paixão

2.  Jey V - Deixa O Mundo Falar

1.  Badoxa - Me Toca

*We took some liberty here-  not all of these songs are from 2015.  Some of these songs came out earlier, but they made the list because these were the songs I enjoyed the most in 2015.

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